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6 steps to prioritize and optimize business change success

In a recent McKinsey article titled ‘Secrets of Successful Change Implementation’ (October, 2017), it was shown that organizations that had the ability to focus their organization on prioritized set of changes had more successful change efforts compared to those who did not.   If your organization is implementing too many changes how do you influence […]

How to build business change capability

Is building business change capability a matter of sending people to courses?  Nope. If your organization is undergoing a lot of changes and you need to work within an agile environment, then refer to our infographic on building business capability through The Change Compass. Build business change capability

Skills required in landing multiple change intiatives

In an earlier post I described how using the analogy of the airport and the different parts of how an airport functions helps us to understand how we land multiple changes.  For example, we need effective ‘air traffic control’ to land initiatives, we need to ensure ‘runway readiness’, and ensure there is sufficient ‘post landing’ […]

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