Manage change impacts as a science

Manage a portfolio of changes

Manage a portfolio of changes

Demonstrate benefit tracking

Demonstrate benefit tracking

Build prototype of business impact

Build prototype of business impact

Manage customer experience


Manage change capacity


Plan change release


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Tool Implementation

Implement the Change Compass model and tool either within a business unit or across the company.


Advice on how to manage multiple changes across the company using fact based decisions.


Train users and administrators on implementing The Change Compass model and tool.

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Skills required in landing multiple change intiatives

In an earlier post I described how using the analogy of the airport and the different parts of how an airport functions helps us to understand how we land multiple changes.  For example, we need effective ‘air traffic control’ to land initiatives, we need to ensure ‘runway readiness’, and ensure there is sufficient ‘post landing’ […]

Infographic on managing a change portfolio

Download our infographic on managing a change portfolio! Learn the tips and tricks of managing multiple change initiatives.

How to manage a portfolio of changes

Have you ever wondered how to manage a portfolio of change initiatives? Whether you’re managing a large program or several initiatives you will no doubt find that it can be a challenging act. We’ve outlined a series of practical steps to help you achieve best practice in this white paper to create high impact and […]

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